Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Purpose of this Blog

Some of my software has become obsolete.  It still runs fine, but requires a 32-bit Windows operating system.  Increasingly, I have clients with 64-bit Windows and I have to install my software in a virtual machine on those systems.  The installation is a bit tricky, but works fine most of the time.  The main problem comes when clients don't want to see the virtual machine window on their desktop, just my application.  I can get that to happen also, using a Virtual Application feature, that hides the virtual machine window, but there are some occasional hiccups that require tech support.

I cannot run the code in native 64-bit Windows (Vista or 7) because there are some 16-bit Windows API routines embedded in the runtime engine.  They are not allowed by 64-bit Windows.  So I have decided to start converting the code to a new development environment, which will run native on machines using 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7.  It will also allow my code to run on Linux, which may be useful to clients down the road.  This blog is to allow me to share that journey with others who may wish to do something similar.

Along the way, I may investigate other approaches, but the first new development platform will be SIMPOL (http://simpol.com).  Why? Well, my existing code was developed in Superbase, the first full graphical software development environment for Windows that included a database engine. Maybe not the first development environment for Windows, but I believe it was the first graphical one that included a database.

Anyway, SIMPOL is the next generation product that still recognizes my existing files.  It also has some migration aids to help me out.  I should also be able to migrate code to the new platform in modules, so that both old a new code can both pass information around and use the same files.  In the coming months, I want to share my experiences with my blog readers and read their comments.

-djinks         Apps and Services: www.jinksinc.com