Thursday, August 18, 2011

XP-SP3 cleanup

Last night I installed a Microsoft XP Mode  virtual machine under VMware
I was having several problems with the project:
  1. In order to initiate connection from the host's file server to the guest machine's application, I was forced to manually ping the guest IP from the host..  I was disappointed with that situation.  Today, I went researching on the VMware support forum and found this thread.  With the suggested method. I think I have cured my connectivity problem.
  2. The VM environment seemed sluggish, with the cursor disappearing for several seconds at a time and the VM becoming unresponsive.  I subsequently discovered that my blog editor interface, which was open in a browser on the host, was at least partially responsible.  I will be using a different editor in the future and will try to assess how much lag remains with in the VM.  A quick review this morning, showed promising improvement. 
  3. I was waiting for a fix to an crash I was experiencing while deleting all records from a volatile (memory only) file in my application.  SIMPOL tech support sent me a new library for volatile files and I will test it soon.  I'm expecting to put that issue behind me. 
  4. I was also having an application crash when I tried to open a second window in my application.  SIMPOL tech suport (thanks Neil) reviewed my sample app and explained what I was doing wrong.  Soon, I will revise the logic accordingly and move on with the application.  My next step will be to install Linux and try the app in that OS.
The latter two items have nothing to do with the virtual machine or XP Mode installation, but they are the tech support issues that were preventing me from progressing with the conversion.  Nothing more to report today.  I'm still groggy from last night and want to get more sleep.  More news perhaps tomorrow.

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  1. Thank you for such informative article, but what about incompatibility? I already worked with Windows 10 64X before and the only thing that I had to do added msvcp140.dll missing files. I also thought that I would spend a lot of time behind this work, but it turned out that it was very quick to fix it. Perhaps, you may need these files to install.

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